About TECHbits

TECHbits was formed early 2015, as an idea to share information learned by doing lots of awesome stuff in the study of becoming a Data Technician with the speciality in Infrastructure. A lot of time many great LAB environments are formed to learn new material in the area. But never really saved, as they do not go in a production environment.

What you could expect to find is information about infrastructure. This means server technology, network technology and information technology. The last 15 years I have been following the InfoSec community and spent many hours learning a bunch of how a security breach might happen, in a production environment. In my study, I learn about infrastructure in best practice. Installation of servers, network equipment etc. I see a very disappointing knowledge being left out of instructors and teachers. And that’s the InfoSec perspective view.

Best practice and out of the box. This is basics and should never be considered to be implemented in a live productions environment. If you do so, you haven’t learned anything about how the engine works under the hood. And that’s why we have that many insecure environments. Applying any new technology into the live productions, everything must be taken into consideration and well planned. That is why out of the box and best practice never should be in our environments. It is a clear message that you do not have the knowledge of your own infrastructure.

The majority of posts on TECHbits will be in the above categories of IT infrastructure. And will grow as time comes to write along the side of conducting these LAB environments and experience.

Please consider that it always and should always be done in a LAB before conducting any real-world engagement for a client. And only when you have the permission of the owner of that infrastructure, use your skills to continue learning. Not by going to jail and destroying your life on stupidity.

Feel free to e-mail me anytime you have questions.
The views, posts and opinions shared are my own. (the good ones)

Kind regards,
Adam Andersen